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TouchAutism Loves Circles Social Skills Utility™

Touch Autism Reviews Circles Social Skills Utility™ just published the following review on their site and we are ecstatic. Thank you Kathryn! We couldn't be more pleased with the impact thi

BridgingApps Says 5 Stars

BridgingApps just published the following review on their site and we couldn't be more proud. Thank you BridgingApps! It's a honor to hear such wonderful things about something we worked so hard to make. Head

Greetings from Greece: Autism and the Circles Social Skills Utility™

International Reach: Using the Circles Social Skills Utility™ in Greece The following review comes to you on an international scale: Ioannis Voskopoulos is a psychologist working with adolescents and ad

Circles Social Skills Utility™ Stories – Cindy’s Classroom

Putting the Circles Social Skills Utility™ to Use: A Case Study of Cindy Garwood's Classroom Cindy Garwood reached out to us a few months ago with questions about the Circles Social Skills Utility™. She'

Circles Social Skills Utility™: Essential for Parents & Teachers

Keeping our children & students safe and protecting them from abuse and exploitation is a major concern for mentors, parents and teachers. Fundamental to this effort is teaching children to understand emo

Circles Social Skills Utility™ Based on Proven Effective Circles® Curriculum

Organizing social connections based on a person’s objective “closeness” is something that comes naturally to most. The social skills that you use every day usually don't require a second thought—we mo