Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Circles Social Skills Utility™ Different from the Circles® Video Curriculum?

Circles Social Skills Utility™ is a companion app for our best-selling social boundaries curriculum, Circles®, which has been proven effective in a Harvard University study, and is now used in over 12,000 schools across the country. To help protect students against abuse and exploitation, the app defines and clarifies appropriate social boundaries while helping students recognize and practice them. The Circles® VideoModeling® curriculum is a complete, standalone film curriculum that teaches social and relationship boundaries and relationship-specific social skills. In addition to covering Touch (like Circles Social Skills Utility™ does), the Circles® curriculum also explains which levels of Talk and Trust are appropriate in each relationship.

What does the Circles Social Skills Utility™ teach?

Teaches appropriate social interactions in relation to TOUCH: who gets a hug, who gets high-fives, who gets fist bumps, and more! Teaches intimacy boundaries to help prevent abuse and exploitation. Students recognize and practice boundary limits for healthy mutual relationships.

Who/what age group is Circles Social Skills Utility™ meant for?

Circles Social Skills Utility™ is an essential tool for social skills learning, especially for kids, teens, and young adults with autism, special needs, and intellectual disabilities. This app is ideal for students on the autism spectrum, students with intellectual/ developmental disabilities, and students with affective disorders.

Where does the “circles” concept come from?

Circles Social Skills Utility™ is a companion app to the Circles® Curriculum. Which was research based, and proven effective by Harvard University, the Circles® paradigm was produced by the James Stanfield Company and written by Marklyn P. Champagne RN, MSW, Leslie Walker-Hirsch IMEd., FAAIDD, and James Stanfield, EdD.

What about Talk and Trust?

In our proven-effective Circles® Curriculum, we discuss the Circles® paradigm and appropriate levels of Talk, Trust, and Touch for each circle. Our App is an ideal introduction to the Circles® rules of appropriate touch that teach social safety and abuse prevention to students of all age levels.

What’s the best way to engage students in the app for information retention?

A major concern for parents and educators is to protect their children and students from harm—whether it’s emotional, physical, or sexual. Fundamental to that protection is a knowledge of social boundaries: what level of touch is appropriate, and what isn’t. Circles Social Skills Utility™ teaches students these social boundaries using a colorful, interactive map where students can organize the people in their lives and learn which types of touch are appropriate for each relationship. While the Create an Icon feature is certainly fun and a great substitute, we encourage you and your students/kids to take photographs and upload photos of friends and family.

I have an idea for a feature you should add to the app. Who should I contact?

Great! All suggestions, ideas, and comments can be directed to our contact page.